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It’s starting to look like 2022 will be the year that the semiconductor shortage begins to impact credit card issuers. Surpluses kept card issuers “in the chips” through 2021 while other industries suffered but a recent study by ABI Research projects a 740M card deficit for this year.

One possible solution would be a migration to virtual credit cards. Extremely popular within the corporate purchasing realm, they aren’t terribly common among consumers. But that may change this year. By tucking them into a digital wallet these cards work quite nicely for in-person transactions.
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It was a lot of fun being interviewed by Tyler McClendon and Marc Wagner of Dentist On Demand for their first “Dentalbytes” podcast of 2022.

We talked about some of the trends that are affecting the Dental profession in Canada. You can check out the full interview at
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Twice a year, in April & October, Canadian credit card processing rates undergo an industry wide shuffle, and the upcoming shift is going to have an especially large impact on merchants who store repeat customer data with their Processor.

A new rate category has been created by Visa that identifies Tokenized (or encrypted) customer profiles. Depending on what type of card it is, merchants will see an increase of between .07% and .40% when processing these types of transactions.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that a loophole exists that will allow potentially affected merchants to avoid this new rate category by following a special procedure on each repeat customer transaction.

If your business keeps a database of repeat customers, as most B2B credit granting organizations do, it’s very important that you discuss this with your processing account manager.
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We’re very happy to serve Canada’s commercial fisheries sector through our newly formed partnership with the Fisheries Council of Canada. It’s an honour to work with an industry that played such a crucial role in the founding of our Nation and continues to be an important driver of Canadian economic competitiveness.
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Castle Builder Financial is very proud to join forces with the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute. In addition to providing sought after hospitality training to professionals and connoisseurs alike, APWASI undertakes the admirable mission of promoting cross cultural engagement through the appreciation of food, wine & spirits.

“The art of cuisine is perhaps one of the most useful forms of diplomacy.”
Auguste Escoffier