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Homebuilders Association Vancouver Interview

I had a lot of fun answering some truly challenging questions about myself and my business in HAVAN’s Spotlight:


Best Processor Award for Elavon

For the fourth consecutive year payment processor Elavon has been named the Judge’s Choice award winner for Best Processor by Card Not Present® (CNP) Awards.

We’re really proud to partner with this superb organization. #award #bestprocessor #CNPaward #elavon #fourpeat


Worldwide Attention for Canadian eCommerce

Cross-border eCommerce sales continue to boom for Canadian merchants with certain industries experiencing smoking hot demand. A recent Discover survey reveals that international shoppers are focused on Canada’s precious stones/metals, jewelry, electronics, sporting goods, and courier & boat rental verticals.

For those hoping to participate in this bonanza, Multi-Currency Conversion really helps smooth the checkout process. It’s a must have item. #ecommerce #crossborderecommerce #multicurrency


MasterCard to Reduce Rates August 1st

Merchants will see a nice reduction in MasterCard processing fees beginning in August. The rate rollbacks will affect some of the most popular card types but only when those cards are processed via eCommerce or manually entered transactions. Rates on payments processed through physical terminals will remain the same.

If you’re a credit card accepting merchant and want to be certain that your processor passes along 100% of these rebates, it’s best to double check with a trusted account manager. #mastercard #savings #interchange


Semiconductor Shortage

Major POS terminal manufacturer Ingenico is anticipating supply disruptions due to a worldwide semiconductor shortage. A notice was recently sent out to the credit card processing industry warning of delayed delivery for a number of terminal types, including the hugely popular Tetra Smart line.

It will take some time before this deficit trickles through to merchants, thanks to Processors’ habit of maintaining sizeable inventories, but shortages are on the way.

Everyone should plan accordingly. #POSterminal #supplyshortage #semiconductors #orderearly


BC Extends Launch Online Grant  Fully Subscribed

Earlier this year BC’s provincial government released the “Launch Online Grant Program” to encourage BC businesses to upgrade or create online stores. Initially, this was funded with a somewhat underwhelming $12M.

Since then, the program has been expanded in three important ways. First, an additional $30M in funding has been added. Second, businesses setting up online appointment booking have become eligible. And third, the application deadline has been pushed to September 1st.

Qualified businesses have already begun receiving funding, which leads us to believe that the funds will likely run out before the deadline. Let us know if you have any questions or would like help with the application process. #ecommerce #governmentgrants #moveonline